About us

Our mission is very simple, to connect the very best farmers and producers to people who appreciate highest quality food. We Only work with the best and our standards are very high i.e. all products has to be Organic, Natural and Clean.

We don't believe in the large corporations, they focus on cost, quantity and not quality. Most large producers and farmers have more need for chemical understanding than nutrition, this is wrong and the reason we wanted to launch this website. We only carry products that can be shipped to your home or picked up at a partner store, unfortunately it limits the products we can sell. But we do hope that you have a local store, which carry the items you are looking for and we dont have, otherwise we would be happy to help, as we know quite a lot of local suppliers in the food landscape.

Reesor's Organic is a long standing family business that has been serving the Thornhill community since 1972. The present owner, Tom Batsas, took the helm of his family's business in 2008.

Tom and his family grew up in Greece where they milked cows and raised sheep, goats, pigs, and chickens on their farm. It was during his childhood that Tom's vision of sharing fresh food with others was formed. When his family migrated to Canada he brought along these hopes and dreams. After many years of working in the family's business, Tom became the owner. Today, he sells fresh organic and free-run game meat, specialty cheeses, and eggs. He never forgot his vision. Tom is happy to share his food knowledge, commitment to serving quality products, and dedication to sourcing the best food for you.

Join Reesor's today as they proudly share their tradition of eating fresh food. They can help you to select the finest cuts of organic and free-run game meat, specialty cheeses found in Canada and around the world, and delicious local eggs.

Visit Reesor's Organic at: The Thornhill Farmer's market, right on Yonge street in Thornhill, just north of Clark street and south of Highway 7 - 7509 Yonge St.